Want to row for Baylor Crew?

There are so many ways to get connected! Baylor Crew holds recruiting events on campus throughout the semester. We attend Late Night at the SLC in the fall and host Boats on Fountain Mall every semester during the first week of classes. Come talk to us, learn to erg (rowing machine), learn what it means to be a member, and see boats first hand. You do not need any experience at all to join our team! We will teach you how to row or be a coxswain.

You can also get more information by filling out our contact form or emailing one of our officers or coaches. We always give potential members a short trial period to see if the sport is a good fit before they have to make a commitment to the team and pay dues, so even if you have no experience or just want to see what we are about, you are more than welcome to come out.

If you are interested in joining Baylor Crew, or just have questions, please contact the Baylor Crew President.